District 24 New EC After Copen Grand Tengah Plantation EC

Tengah EC is a concept for a sustainable city

The new EC will be located in the heart of Tengah. It is being developed with green technologies and will integrate nature with modern infrastructure. It will cater to the needs of young professionals and feature a car-free town centre and bike network. It will also offer farm-to-table dining and community gardens.

The new EC is part of the Tengah EC blueprint and will incorporate more green features. It will also feature a polyclinic and sports and community hubs. This will cater to the younger population and create a more cohesive community.

Tengah will be the first EC to integrate the biodiversity of its surroundings. It will include a five-kilometer forest corridor. This corridor will connect to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and the Western Water Catchment Area. It will also feature hiking trails.

It integrates with its native biodiversity

In the District, new biodiversity measures are being implemented. For instance, a Tree Code has been adopted that aims to protect all tree and plant species. The Tree Code also provides for financial evaluation of tree-related impacts during compensation events and favours biological control over chemical treatment. In addition, a committee has been set up under the Department of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning to coordinate biodiversity actors and develop a platform for consultation.

The development process was led by the Swaziland Environment Authority. The project’s steering committee consisted of representatives of key government ministries and strategic stakeholder institutions. It also involved the national think tank, a group of local experts and other stakeholders. In addition, special stakeholder groups attended regional workshops. Scientists from the National Biodiversity Institute were also consulted on national and regional aspects of the NBSAP.

It has a car-lite Town Centre

The district’s new EC after the Copen Grand Tengah Plantation development is expected to have a car-lite Town Centre. The new EC will have 620 residential units spread over 12 blocks. Located at the edge of the Bukit Batok Hillside Park and the Le Quest Shopping Mall, the new EC will be close to amenities and public transport.

The new EC after Copen Grand Tengah Plantation is set in a highly sustainable environment. It will have a car-lite Town Centre and be connected to the new Tengah MRT station. The EC will be located near medical facilities and a sports hub. It is expected to be completed by 2029. The area will be surrounded by lots of greenery, including Central Park and rainforest-themed playgrounds. The development will also feature a car-lite Town Centre and be located in the heart of the Tengah Town transformation plan.

It is close to MRT

District 24 New EC After Copen Grand is situated near Jurong Lake District, Woodlands Regional Centre, and Tengah MRT Station, and it offers residents access to a variety of retail options. The development is also within walking distance to a supermarket, cinema, and restaurants.

The new EC is set to be a benchmark for future developments in the area, and its location makes it convenient for commuters to commute to work and play. It is situated within the Tengah estate, which is being developed to be a smart town. It will also offer car-free facilities in the town center. It is within walking distance to three MRT stations: Tengah MRT station, Tengah Park MRT station, and Bukit Timah MRT station.

District 24 New EC After Copen Grand is one of the first executive condominiums in the region built under the Government Land Sales scheme. It is located in the Tengah area, a new forest town. It is close to three MRT stations and is within a 10-minute walk from the centre of Tengah.

It is near childcare centres

This new EC is located on a new road to be built in Tengah. It will be the first EC in the future forest town of Tengah. It is close to three MRT stations along the future Jurong Region Line: Tengah (JS3), Tengah Plantation (JS4) and Hong Kah (JS4). A primary school is located within 2km of the site.

The EC will also feature amenities such as a polyclinic, supermarket, and food court. It will also have enrichment centers, shops, restaurants, and a Residents’ Committee Centre. Children can enjoy the water features of this development.

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